Omac Gulliver Tomato Strainer

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Love the taste of fresh tomatoes? With the Gulliver Tomato Machine you will be able to create amazing home made sauces or a delightful glass of tomato juice from fresh in-season tomatoes. Simply fasten the machine to your kitchen bench with the easy to use screw action clasp, prepare your tomatoes and place a container below both of the chutes, one to catch the juice and the other to collect the remains. Now comes the fun part. Slide your tomatoes in to the top section and take hold of the handle. Spin the handle in a clockwise direction which powers the grinding section as it pulls the tomatoes in to the crushing area and the fresh juice will begin to flow while the remains simply slide out the secondary chute into another bowl. Within a few minutes you will have fresh tomato juice to enjoy or add to your favourite recipe. NOTE: For best results we recommend slicing the tomato into small pieces before placing them in the top section. Sturdy stainless steel construction. All working parts are made of heavy duty food grade stainless steel. 2 quart capacity.
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  • Make crafting cocktails easy with this handy 2-in-1 tool
  • The Tovolo Reamer Strainer reams and strains directly into a shaker or glass
  • The strainer strains out the ingredients that you don't want in your cocktail such as ice and herbs and is curved so it c

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